Covic discusses electoral reform in BiH with ambassadors of US, UK and Germany

NEWS 10.08.2022 17:56
Source: Saopćenje/N1 montaža

The leader of the Croat Democratic Union in Bosnia (HDZ BiH), Dragan Covic, met with the ambassadors of the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom on Wednesday and stressed “the importance of constituent peoples and legitimate representation” in electoral reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to an official statement, Covic met with US Ambassador, Michael Murphy, Germany’s Ambassador, Margaret Uebber, and UK Ambassador, Julian Reilly, to discuss numerous topics, including bilateral cooperation between BiH and these three countries, as well as the issue of electoral reform in BiH.

He stressed the “importance of constituent nations and legitimate representation”, arguing that this is represented in the model for electoral reform that is backed by Bosnian Croat parties. He also noted that electoral reform is a prerequisite for the continuation of Bosnia’s path toward EU integration.

“Fair changes to the Electoral Law and the Constitution with which we will protect the foundations of this state, which American partners helped us establish, but also the elimination of discrimination and inequality will positively affect democracy, pluralism and the necessary reforms in society,” Covic stressed in his conversation with the US Ambassador.