Covic, Plenkovic call for urgent changes to Bosnian election law

NEWS 15.01.2022 18:37
Source: Twitter

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic met the leader of the main Croat ethnic party in Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Covic on Saturday and they called for urgent changes to Bosnian election law.

Following the meeting, Covic wrote on his Twitter that he and the Croatian PM discussed bilateral relations and progress of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also, they underlined the importance of the electoral reform.

“This incredibly important process must finally restore alienated rights of Croats and eliminate discrimination,” said the HDZ BiH leader, who is currently the speaker of Bosnia's House of Poeples, the parliament's upper chamber.

Covic reiterated his earlier stance that the election law changes must ensure legitimate representation of constituent peoples in both the House of Peoples and in the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Covic's HDZ BiH is the sister party to Plenkovic’s Croatian HDZ.

Plenkovic also briefly commented on the meeting, expressing support to the political talks on electoral reform in BiH and emphasising the need to achieve the equality of Bosnia's three constituent peoples.


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