Covic: Schmidt must prevent outvoting of Croats

Source: N1

The leader of the Croatian National Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the HDZ BiH party, Dragan Covic, said on Tuesday that High Representative Christian Schmidt has to impose election law reforms to prevent Croats from being outvoted in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity.

“Since he has already started imposing solutions I expect the high representative to complete the story and fully implement the verdict of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the legitimate representation of the constituent peoples when it comes to the House of Peoples. He will have to make that decision,” Covic said.

He added that the executive power in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the president and two vice presidents, and the government should be elected by an absolute majority in each club of the constituent peoples.

The House of Peoples of the Federation of BiH has 17 representatives from each of the constituent peoples — the Croats, the Bosniaks and the Serbs — and seven members from minority communities. It is just as important as the House of Representatives in the appointment of the executive power in the Federation entity.


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