Croat leader's statement on territorial reorganisation of BiH sparks reactions

NEWS 19.08.2022 16:46
Source: N1

No territorial reorganisation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is possible in current political circumstances without producing conflicts, Bosnia Presidency member Zeljko Komsic said on Friday in response to Bosnian Croat political leader Dragan Covic, who said the Croat political parties will push for this unless electoral system is reformed to ensure “complete constitutional equality and legitimate representation.”

Komsic said that those who are calling for territorial reorganisation of Bosnia and Herzegovina are only exerting pressure and sending a sort of a “public threat” in order to have their “anti-European” demands on changes to the Election Law fulfilled.

“Those who make decisions about possible solutions must not take the threat of ethno-territorial reorganisation as a reality, in addition to numerous proposals by pro-Bosnian parties on limited amendments to the Constitution and election laws, which have been repeatedly submitted to the parliamentary procedure and also to the international officials for inspection,” he added.

Nermin Niksic, the leader of the Social Democratic Party also reacted to Covic's statement, noting that he agrees with the necessity of territorial reorganisation only if it means the abolition of hundreds of ministers, 13 prime ministers and 11 health systems, referring to various levels of authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We need the state system that could serve the citizens and not the political oligarchs of the SDA, HDZ BiH and SNSD (ruling parties),” said Niksic.

Speaking in the central town of Vitez on Friday, Covic said that the Croat National Assembly (HNS), the umbrella organization of Bosnian Croat parties, will push for a territorial reorganization of BiH unless the electoral system in the country ensures “complete constitutional equality and legitimate representation”.


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