Croatia to ban Russian airlines from entering its air space, PM says

Source: Andrej Plenković (N1)

Croatia will ban Russian planes from entering its air space, Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Sunday.

Already at today's consultations, the government made the political decision that we will ban (Russian) airlines from flying into our air space,” he told the press.

The measures will go into force “possibly tomorrow already” and “implementation decisions” will be adopted at the cabinet's session tomorrow, Plenkovic said.

Russian airlines have been banned from entering the air space of the UK, Ireland, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Malta, Austria, North Macedonia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland are also joining in the ban.

Some EU member states like France, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, the Netherlands and Belgium have decided to send anti-tank weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.

Plenkovic said the Croatian government would decide on that tomorrow and that the Defence Ministry had drawn up a proposal.

“We will also adopt certain decisions on support to Ukraine, which is a victim of aggression, which will concern defence cooperation, first and foremost protective equipment and other equipment so that we can respond to their request,” he added.


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