Croatia’s FM: Amended election law would ensure BiH’s stability and prosperity

NEWS 11.09.2021 16:33

Amending Bosnia and Herzegovina's electoral legislation is necessary to ensure the legitimate representation of Croats in the state presidency and upper house of parliament, as well as the functioning, stability and prosperity of the country, Croatian foreign minister Gordan Grlic Radman said on Saturday.

He said that Croats do not have a legitimate representative in the tripartite presidency, adding that “the fact that someone identifies himself as the Croat member of the presidency is not true,” referring to Zeljko Komsic who he argued was elected primarily thanks to Bosniak votes.

“That’s why it is necessary to change the election law to ensure the functioning, stability and prosperity of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Grlic Radman said after a conference on the Posavina region of northern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He said that in the early 2000s high representatives and other international stakeholders had used gradual reforms to change the substance and nature of the election law.

Because of those changes, the Croats do not have “what is guaranteed to them by the Dayton peace agreement, and that is legitimate representation on the three-member presidency and the House of Peoples, which are fundamental levels of government,” Grlic Radman said.

Speaking of the Croats in the Bosanska Posavina region, he said that they had borne witness to the same faith and the Croatian national identity for centuries, adding that Croatia would continue to support their projects both politically and financially.

At the start of the Bosnian war in 1992, Bosnian Serb forces expelled most of the Croats from the Posavina region. Today they constitute a majority in only three municipalities – Domaljevac-Samac, Odzak and Orasje.


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