Daily: Kosovo, Albania to form cross-border administrative area

NEWS 31.01.2022 10:41
Source: Shutterstock

Kosovo and Albania will form a joint territorial and administrative unit on both sides of their borders to provide their populations with the same services, Pristina daily Koha said.

The daily said that the governments of Albania and Kosovo signed an agreement on November 26, 2021 to create the territorial and administrative unit covering an area 30 kilometers deep on both sides of the border. The cross-border agreement is set to be ratified by the two parliaments before taking effect.

The Albanian government said in a report to parliament that the agreement will simplify local cross-border traffic procedures. “The agreement is aimed at making movement easier for the population of the border area who have permits to stay on the other side of the border for up to 90 days in any 180 day period,” Koha said.

The local populations on either side of the border will be allowed to move freely in the border area with valid ID and traffic permits.


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