Davor Dragicevic: Former Chief prosecutor faced pressure regarding my son's case

NEWS 28.10.2021 12:16
Source: N1

Davor Dragicevic, the father of 21-year-old David whose 2018 murder remains unresolved, told N1 that he feels safe in Sarajevo but does not expect that this will also be the case when he goes to Banja Luka, where he thinks authorities will try to arrest him.

In March 2018, police found the lifeless body of David Dragicevic, 21, in a river near Banja Luka, the administrative centre of Bosnia's Serb-majority entity of Republika Srpska (RS).


A few days later, a pathologist told the media that the cause of death was likely drowning and that Dragicevic had taken drugs. The press conference sparked a series of protests, especially since another autopsy performed on David’s body showed a different time of death.

Led by Davor Dragicevic, who believes police and prosecutors in the RS are hiding the killers, citizens have organised into the ‘Justice for David’ group and have organised a series of protests at Banja Luka’s main square.
The case was later reclassified into murder.

Davor Dragicevic eventually left BiH and went to Vienna, Austria, arguing that he feels like his life is in danger in the country.

Meanwhile, the BiH Prosecutor’s Office has taken over the case from the RS judiciary.

Dragicevic noted that Bosnia’s former Chief Prosecutor, Gordana Tadic, spoke to David’s mother, Suzana Radanovic. He said that Tadic told her she was being pressured into not initiating an investigation into the case.

Dragicevic returned to BiH on Wednesday. He landed at the International Airport in Sarajevo where he was welcomed by supporters from Banja Luka and Sarajevo.

He is expected to go to Banja Luka on Saturday morning.

“There will be no compromise” when it comes to resolving David’s murder, he told N1.

“Let them (BiH prosecutors) do their job, I'll do mine with the Justice for David group. This time, I call on the RS Minister of the Interior to arrest me immediately, because if he does not do that, it will represent confirmation that the RS Interior Ministry participated in the murder of my son,” he said.

“Prosecutors of the Prosecutor's Office of BiH have absolutely all the powers and all resources at their disposal to bring this to an end quickly,” he said.

He stressed that he can provide indisputable evidence regarding the murder of his son.

“We know my child was alive when we were looking for him. They tortured him. We know that he was strangled, drowned on March 24 in the early hours. And then I had to get the child out of the morgue, cut his hair to send a sample to Austria to prove that David is not a drug addict, a thief and someone who killed himself,” he said, adding that “everyone knows who did this.”

Dragicevic said that he and Muriz Memic, a father in Sarajevo who also believes his son was killed and that local authorities tried to cover it up, both know the names of those who killed their sons, but can not say it out loud.

He said he faced persecution and feared for his life, as he did not feel protected in the country.

“I am careful, but there is no fear in me anymore,” he said.


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