Doctor: BiH will be long plagued by coronavirus because of passive authorities

NEWS 25.02.2021 09:25
Source: N1

Being the most passive country in Europe in terms of acquiring the coronavirus vaccine and the appearance of new strains, Bosnia will long be plagued by the new coronavirus, Bakir Nakas, a doctor at the Sarajevo General Hospital told N1 on Thursday.

“Everything is connected and everything has contributed to the rise in the number of infected patients, as well as the emergence of new strains which will continue to be discovered in BiH for a long time. It’s a combination, and we are the most passive country in Europe when it comes to the procurement of vaccines and the response to the pandemic,” Nakas said, adding:

“All of this was preventable in the fall when we had indications that we would have the vaccines. We have 13 ministries of health, ministers, institutions; all of them had to pressure the authorities in a certain way, and not let film directors like Dino Mustafic or you journalists pressure them. ”

The current authorities are the ones preventing what should have happened earlier, which is for the inhabitants of BiH to have the opportunity to be immunized as their neighbours do, he noted.

The doctor concluded by saying BiH politicians love talking about doctors but when one asks what it is that they did to improve the doctors’ position – they then realise that doctors were left to fend for themselves and do the best they can.


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