Dodik accuses UK ambassador of ‘lack of respect’ for BiH's external sovereignty

NEWS 24.01.2022 16:21
Source: N1

Milorad Dodik, the Serb member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency commented on the latest blog post by UK Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Matt Field, assessing that its content means a “dangerous abandonment of diplomatic practice and lack of respect for external sovereignty of BiH.”

The text that the ambassador published on Monday among other things criticised Dodik and Bosnian Ser-majority entity, Republika Srpska's leadership for the attempt to “reverse the progress” made over the past 26 years in BiH, calling it a “dangerous distraction from corruption.”

In response to the ambassador's blog, Dodik said that this only confirms his own thesis that “BiH is the last colony of Europe where foreign diplomats lead the activities as if they are in their own country.”

“BiH has been their experiment for 26 years and nobody was called to account for the failure of that experiment. Anything we hear from them, while they should not be speaking at all about internal matters of BiH, is corruption and of course among the Serbs,” said Dodik, against whom the US expanded sanctions earlier this month for corrupt activities.

He asked how come all other countries in the world were not stopped if a country can stop because of corruption only.

“Or the corruption is present only here, where their representative gets a salary of 25 thousand euro a month, while not paying taxes neither in his own or the country where he is a colonial governor,” said Dodik, without specifying the name of the official he referred to.

He said he could agree with the ambassador saying that there has to come an end to the actions without consequences, so he suggested the ambassador's blog as the starting point and “responsibility of Ambassador Field for violating the sovereignty of BiH.”


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