Dodik addresses China-Europe summit, calls for unity amid pandemic

NEWS 09.02.2021 10:55

Only united the world can overcome the challenges brought by the coronavirus pandemic, Chairman of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Presidency Milorad Dodik said on Tuesday addressing the ‘17+1’ online summit of China and central and southeast European nations that commenced this morning.

Dodik expressed support for the concept of building up a joint future of mankind, presented by China’s President Xi Jinping who opened the summit, as well as to the concept of multilateralism development, aimed at permanent peace, universal security and common prosperity.

“The format of cooperation between China and Central and East Europe countries enables us to overcome numerous difficulties that our countries are facing through an open, coordinated and innovative approach,”, said Chairman Dodik.

Speaking of infrastructural projects in the country, he pointed out the power plant Stanari as a “first, huge infrastructural project that was done in cooperation with China” as well as the first project that used a loan provided through the ‘17+1’ mechanism, provided by the China Development Bank.

“This project can serve as a model of good practice within the ‘17+1’ mechanism,” he added.

The meeting is among others also attended by Presidents of Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Prime Minister of Croatia.


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