Dodik after meeting with Borrell: No accelerated path for BiH towards EU

NEWS 16.03.2022 15:55
Source: F.Z./N1

The Bosnian Serb member of BiH’s tripartite Presidency, Milorad Dodik, said that he understood from his meeting with EU High Representative Josep Borrell that there will be no accelerated path for BiH towards EU membership.

“There is no accelerated path of Bosnia and Herzegovina towards the European Union. This is what I concluded from their views regarding their demand that the standards must be respected and this is absolutely clear to everyone,” Dodik said.


He also strongly criticised statements that could often be heard recently regarding parallels between the situation in Ukraine and BiH.

The two are completely incomparable, he said.

“There was a civil war here in BiH, there wasn’t anything here similar to what is happening in Ukraine. We support the territorial integrity of all UN member states, as well as Ukraine,” Dodik argued.

“We want the war to end as soon as possible, but I think that the war started – and Borrell himself said that a few days ago – because they encouraged Ukraine a lot to be a member of NATO, and then this could not be fulfilled. Things got complicated and this happened,” said Dodik, a fierce opponent of BiH's potential NATO membership.

The Bosnian Serb political leader said that Borrell requested from the leader of the country’s strongest Bosniak party, Bakir Izetbegovic, to agree on limited constitutional reform and electoral reform.

Izetbegovic previously told reporters that Borrell had asked Dodik to stop the process of unilaterally transferring state powers to the government level of Bosnia’s semi-autonomous Republika Srpska (RS) entity.

However, Dodik said Izetbegovic was not telling the truth and that Borrell did not make such a request.


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