Dodik announces return of the “constitutional position” of Bosnia's RS entity

NEWS 25.10.2021 13:21
Source: N1

According to the Serb member of Bosnia’s Presidency, Milorad Dodik, the international administrator and the Constitutional Court in Bosnia are trying to “change the position” of the country’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity because the RS is able to “function on its own.”

Dodik, who is also the leader of the ruling party in the semi-autonomous RS entity, met with the president of Serbia’s National Assembly, Ivica Dacic, on Monday to discuss the situation in BiH amidst a major political crisis.


Dodik announced that the entity will withdraw its agreements that led to the establishment of a number of state-level institutions, including the army and judicial bodies, which would undo the reforms the country has completed over the past decades.

“The Republic of Serbia and the Republika Srpska can independently manage their economies and processes,” Dodik said.

“I think that the problem is with the RS, because it is self-sustainable and the only thing that can function on its own, unlike BiH or FBiH (the Federation, the other entity in BiH), which cannot do that at all. Only the RS has that strength. That is why attempts are being made to change the position of the RS through various decisions – of the High Representative and the Constitutional Court – in an unconstitutional, anti-Dayton Agreement and criminal manner,” he added.

Dodik announced that the RS National Assembly will “return the constitutional position of the RS” in the next few days.


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