Dodik: BiH is a failed project, it is best to separate in civilized manner

NEWS 23.01.2022 16:18
Source: N1

Milorad Dodik, the Serb member of Bosnia and Herzegovina's tripartite presidency, said in an interview with Spain's El Mundo that "BiH is a failed project" and that the best solution for the country would be to "separate Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats in a civilized manner."

“BiH will not be able to survive for the same reason that Yugoslavia did not survive. There are three peoples in BiH. Two of them, Croats and Serbs, are very dissatisfied. Muslims want to create a unitary state in which they would be the dominant people,” Dodik said.

“Our policy is not aimed at secession. We are talking about a different possibility, based on the assessment that BiH will not be successful as a state. If that happens, it is best to separate in a civilized manner,” he added.

He noted that Serbs would not “start a secession war” but reiterated that it was best to separate “if peope cannot live together.”

He pointed out that Serbs were “defending the political process” towards achieving that goal, and that stories about a possible war were “meaningless.”

He also said that BiH exists as a state only due to pressure from the international community.


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