Dodik claims UK military experts cannot enter Bosnia legally

NEWS 30.06.2022 15:17
Source: N1

BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik said there was no legal way for British military experts to enter the country, and that their announcement was made in a “manner of an old colonial power that never knocked on the doors of its colonies, as they obviously see BiH as a colony."

Dodik pointed out that the establishment of the centre for the “so-called cyber security is just another name for the establishment of a British intelligence point.”

“Apart from the illegal High Representative, BiH will also receive illegal so-called military experts, all under the pretext of alleged secessionism and the so-called malignant Russian influence,” Dodik said, when asked to comment on the announcement of Great Britain that they would send military experts to BiH.

Continuing his comment, Dodik added that secessionism is a British issue, and not in BiH but in Scotland, and it would be good for them to deal with it on their territory.

“They would like to cure their centuries-old frustration with the Russians – in BiH, where almost everyone had played a role, trained and filled their biographies. Nothing new from the British, and prior to the last election they sent their units here. I guess they estimate that this way their candidates from the Democratic Progress Party (PDP) have better chances,” said Dodik.

Bosnia is getting ready for the October elections where Dodik will likely face off competition from other Republika Srpska (RS) entity opposition parties, one of which is the PDP.

The entity's political leadership and the opposition are vocal opposition to the authority of the international community’s the High Representative in BiH in charge of overseeing the implementation of the civilian aspect of the Dayton Peace Agreement that ended the 1992.1995 war in the country. Namely, as the former High Representative left office, Germany pushed through the Peace Implementation Council their candidate Christian Schmidt whim the Russian Federation did not support. Russia also blocked the UN Security Council from acknowledging Schmidt as the High Representative. Even though the UN’s blessing is not something the High Representative must obtain, as several other Representatives were not acknowledged either, Russia and their supporters from the RS claim that Schmidt, therefore, has no legitimacy to perform the function and they do not recognize him as such.

The High Representative has already acted several times against the secessionist laws from the RS by suspending them and in his report to the UN Security Council, he warned of a strong Russian influence and support for the RS secession from Bosnia.

To this end, the UK implemented sanctions against the RS leadership and on Thursday they announced sending experts and funds to combat Russia’s malign influence and propaganda as well as secessionist policies in the country.


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