Dodik condemns EPP Resolution, says it supports a Muslim policy in BiH

NEWS 01.06.2022 14:40
Source: N1

The European People’s Party (EPP) Resolution on Bosnia represents opinions of a group from within the EPP and as such it is nonbinding but also symptomatic, BiH Serb Presidency member Milorad Dodik said Wednesday, commenting on the Resolution which condemned his party’s secessionist efforts.

“The positions of a political group that operates within the European Parliament are not and cannot be binding for us, but it is symptomatic to us that they support the policy of the Muslim SDA, because the messages that are coming are the same. It would be the same as telling us that the positions of the SDA are binding for us,” the leader of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) wrote on his official Twitter account.

Dodik is known for his pejorative use of the word Muslim when describing members of the Bosniak people. Over the past six months, he and his party have worked hard to create parallel institutions in Bosnia’s Serb-dominated Republika Srpska (RS) entity, passing laws creating a separate tax system, withdrawing from state institutions and blocking their operation and setting conditions to create separate judiciary and entity army formations.

In his tweets, Dodik added that, contrary to the claims of foreign officials, the only blockades on BiH’s European path are coming from the Bosniak strongest party – Democratic Action Party (SDA) led by Bakir Izetbegovic.

“We are sorry that information has not yet reached American and European officials that Izetbegovic is announcing the creation of a unitary Islamic State of BiH in the official documents of his party. Where are the Serbs and Croats? This is a clear message that there is no place for us in such an Islamic state made by Izetbegovic. Will we allow them to take away everything from us, our freedom, our rights, to erase our identity” Dodik asked in the end.

The EPP held a Congress Tuesday evening during which it adopted a strong resolution on BiH. In it, the EPP condemned the SNSD secessionist policy and removed the Croat Democratic Union's (HDZ BiH) calls for amendments to the BiH Election Law that would see the introduction of “legitimate representatives” rather than officials who gained the most votes.

The EPP welcomed, among other things, the European Council's conclusions on Bosnia and Herzegovina on March 24 and 25.

The EPP expressed support for the forthcoming European Council presidency visit to Sarajevo, which confirmed the highest level of commitment to agree on electoral and constitutional reform.

They also strongly condemned the recent unacceptable incentives calling into question the country's territorial integrity, unity and sovereignty.

“Any unconstitutional, secessionist activity, which goes beyond the constitutional and legal framework, must end, while the current blockades of institutions must end immediately so that Bosnia and Herzegovina can address the necessary reforms and continue to pursue its EU perspective;” the Resolution said.

The EPP supported political dialogue, which must become a priority over the blockades of key political processes and reforms, which prolong the political crisis, which is a potential risk to democracy, stability and the rule of law in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Resolution said.

The EPP also called for an urgent solution to electoral reform in an inclusive manner, adhering to the requirements for EU membership.

“The Electoral and constitutional reform must be in accordance with EU principles as well as decisions of international and constitutional courts, which includes equality of the three constituent peoples, Others and all citizens,” the Resolution said.


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