Dodik: Current Dayton concept can last as long as Biden’s administration does

NEWS 04.01.2022 09:29
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The Dayton Peace Agreement, which ended the 1992-1995 war in BiH, as envisaged by Richard Holbrooke and Madeleine Albright can only survive as long as Joe Biden’s administration remains in power and after that Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity should return to the Samuel Berger’s concept, Bosnian Serb Presidency member Milorad Dodik told Happy TV from Serbia on Monday evening.

He said that Berger, who led a group of US officials in 1995, was a realist and believed that unless Bosniaks persuaded Serbs to stay in BiH and Serbs did not express a desire to do so within three years, a referendum on their status should be allowed and everyone should accept the reality that they need to join Serbia, which would be a sustainable and lasting solution aimed at preserving regional peace. On the other hand, he added, there was a group of diplomats from former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, led by Richard Holbrooke, who came up with a concept that is now proving unsuccessful.

“Their concept was essentially false. They offered the Dayton Agreement, and gave certain concessions to everyone, made BiH of two entities and three peoples and said that we are equal, but later in the implementation, they did everything to make it otherwise,” Dodik told Happy TV.

Today's situation, said Dodik, is such that Croats are completely dissatisfied with the situation in BiH, and Serbs are completely distrustful of these “good intentions,” first of all of America and their allies in which they offered us an agreement, and then did everything to distort it, and under the guise of a functional BiH, create a unitary and centralized state.

“I think the time is coming when this concept will end and that it may live a few more years, two or three, while the administration of Joseph Biden is in power. With the arrival of another administration, we need to rehabilitate this very Berger approach as something that was a realistic approach. A study was written about that,” stated Dodik, and recalled that Berger was the US Secretary of Homeland Security.

The Serb Presidency member noted that BiH is big trouble, a regressive idea and that it has no vision, adding that it is a historical defect in the region.

Dodik reiterated that the RS only wants the BiH Constitution to be respected, while the United States accuses it of anti-Dayton actions.


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