Dodik: EU is the goal but Bosnia is moving ‘sloppily’ on that path

NEWS 29.07.2022 20:58
Source: N1

We proved we can build our goal and the goal is the path to the European Union, said Bosnia Presidency member Milorad Dodik in the northern town of Gradiska on Friday, addressing a ceremony on the occasion of the completed construction of the bridge over Sava river which connects the country with the neighbouring Croatia. Dodik added, however, that Bosnia and Herzegovina is sloppily heading towards that goal.

“I am sad that the road has not been constructed on the Croatian side, because in that case we could open it for traffic,” Dodik said addressing the event.

Speaking about the financial aspect of the project, the Presidency member said that Republika Srpska, one of Bosnia's two semi-autonomous regions where the bridge is located, invested significant amoun, but he also thanked the state-level authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Croatia and the EU for their contribution.

He also noted jokingly that the EU should have invested more funds for this purpose.

“We are heading towards the main goal, to be a part of the European communication network,” Dodik said.

“We have shown that we can build our goal, and the goal is the path to the European Union, although I am sad that Bosnia and Herzegovina is moving sloppily towards that goal,” he added.

The Presidency member assessed that the world is in a difficult situation, which is not promising, but that building the bridges like this gives hope that bridges will dominate and not those who destroy them.