Dodik files criminal charges against BiH Foreign Minister, Ambassador at UN

NEWS 08.04.2022 16:07
Source: Foto: F.Z./N1

BiH Presidency Member Milorad Dodik filed criminal charges against Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic, and the country’s Ambassador to the UN, Sven Alkalaj, Srna agency learned Friday.

Dodik filed a criminal complaint due to the alleged grounds for suspicion that Turkovic and Alkalaj abused their official position and authority in order to harm and seriously violate the rights of others by acting contrary to the Constitution, which stipulates that the BiH Presidency is responsible for conducting Bosnia’s foreign affairs policy.

According to Srna, the criminal report states that on her own initiative, without authorization and without a decision of the Presidency of BiH, Turkovic ordered Alkalaj to support the initiative to suspend the Russian Federation from the UN Human Rights Council at the UN General Assembly.

The United Nations General Assembly voted on the request of Western countries to exclude Russia from the UN Human Rights Council due to its invasion of Ukraine.

The motion was passed with an overwhelming majority.


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