Dodik: If RS leaders are separatists, High Representative in BiH is the occupier

NEWS 02.11.2021 17:12
Milorad Dodik
Source: Milorad Dodik (N1)

If Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity political leaders are “separatists” than the High Representative in BiH is an occupier, Bosnian Serb Presidency member Milorad Dodik said about Christian Schmidt on Tuesday before the UN Security Council session regarding the situation in the country.

The High Representative of the International Community in BiH, Christian Schmidt, warned in his regular report to the UN Security Council that the country was in imminent danger of disintegration and that there was a “very real” possibility of a return to conflict.

Schmidt will present the regular report to the UN Security Council this week, and the British Guardian daily, which had access to the document, writes that the German will propose strengthening the international peacekeeping force in BiH if “Serb separatists” threaten to withdraw from the Armed Forces and create their own army.

In response to Schmidt's report, Dodik said that “if we are separatists, he is an occupier.”

“He is a man without authority. It will all end with his ‘writings’ not being adopted, there will be no document. For the first time the High Representative's report will not be adopted in the Security Council, nor will that High Representative address the Security Council. It is the defeat of a man who presented himself as the High Representative,” said Milorad Dodik.

He added that he has nothing personal against Christian Schmidt.

“Sometimes I even have sympathy for him, but I feel sorry for him. He probably ‘pumps himself up’ in the way in which he deals with Serbs. That report was written in Sarajevo, and he just signed it. He does not have it, nor does he have the objective possibility to have the knowledge of that kind, which is stated in the report. There is not a single paragraph in which Dodik or the RS is not slandered. Everything is in the function of justifying Bosniak interests. It is full of lies and that is why the Security Council will not consider it, as far as I know,” Dodik said.

He stated that he had nothing against the European peace keeping force EUFOR remaining in the country, but that he would wait a day or two to see what happened next.

“The High Representative has nothing more to to do here. I don't think there will be another High Representative [in BiH]. He can throw his powers out the window. He has nothing to look for in the RS with them (powers),” Milorad Dodik said at the end of his address.


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