Dodik in Brussels: Ukrainian war in no way threatens Bosnia's stability

NEWS 11.05.2022 21:07
Source: N1

BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik said Wednesday night in Brussels that he would convey to EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell the position that BiH is stable and peaceful and that the war in Ukraine does not affect it in any way, except the economic aspect.

“As for the war in BiH, it is very far, today. We have significant political problems in BiH, we are preparing for the elections, but we have not been able to carry out electoral reform, which is why there is a well-founded dissatisfaction with the fact that the constituency of the people is being threatened. Also, we have a falsely represented High Representative who was not appointed by the Security Council, and all that worsens the situation in BiH,” said Dodik.

On the eve of the dinner organized by Borrell for leaders from the Balkans in Brussels, Dodik told reporters that everything should be done to preserve stability and peace in BiH, and that the current problems should be resolved through political dialogue within BiH entities.

“The EU can certainly help because it is an important factor in our cooperation, but it should also be mentioned that we have many problems that have been sown in the past by EU institutions, and which are now being paid for in BiH in the political sense,” Dodik said.

He reiterated that the Ukrainian crisis is affecting Bosnia and Herzegovina an economic sense, while in the sphere of possible provocation of a conflict, the two are absolutely untouchable.

“BiH does not have any serious indicators that there could be an escalation of violence. These are all propaganda tricks. The most responsible people for security in BiH, such as the commander of Altea and NATO, assessed that there are no elements that could threaten the security in BiH,” BiH Presidency member said.


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