Dodik is certain Bosnia will play a friendly football match with Russia

NEWS 27.09.2022 15:47
Source: N1

BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik spoke on Serbian national television (RTS) where he once again confirmed that he is directly pushing for a friendly match between Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and that he is doing everything to make that match happen.


When asked whether the match between Russia and Bosnia will take place on November 19 in St. Petersburg, he said “as far as I know, the BiH Football Federation made that decision. It’s important to me because of Russia. I won't be cheering for Bosnia even then, but I'm glad that such a match will be played.”

“I believe that the match will take place. At the moment, it seems that it will. We'll see, there's still time for that. But I don't think these people are ready to retire. It is possible that there will be a boycott of players, national team members, but it is possible to make a team that will play so that the match can be held,” Dodik said.

He was also asked if this was “a unique opportunity for Serbs to start playing for BiH?”

“Serbs shouldn’t play for BiH. But in this case, bearing in mind the context in which not a single European national team wants or will play a football match with Russia, which was unjustifiably kicked out of all competitions, then it seems correct and fair on our part, at least in the Republika Srpska (entity), to try to make it happen” the Presidency member said.