Dodik: It was to be expected that High Rep will not speak at UNSC session on BiH

NEWS 03.11.2021 13:07
Source: N1

According to BiH tripartite Presidency member Milorad Dodik, it was to be expected that the High Representative in the country, Christian Schmidt, would not speak at the UN Security Council (UNSC) session where the situation in Bosnia is being discussed, since Russia and China never approved his appointment to the post.

The UNSC is holding a session on Bosnia on Wednesday, where the extension of the EUFOR mandate, as well as the situation amid a major political crisis, will be discussed.


“It was to be expected that there would be no High Representative or his reports at the next sessions,” said Dodik, who never accepted the authority of Schmidt, who took over the post of Bosnia’s international administrator in August.

The High Representative is the international official overseeing the civilian implementation of the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement and reports periodically to the UN Security Council. However, he will not be presenting his report this time.

Russia and China opposed Schmidt's appointment and even tried to pass a resolution in the UNSC to abolish the post of the High Representative.

Schmidt’s office said it already submitted the latest report to the UNSC and, according to media reports, the High Representative warned about a “very real” prospect of a return to conflict and called for a reassessment of international military presence if necessary.

Dodik told RTRS on Wednesday, ahead of the session, that some in Bosnia still believe that the report of the High Representative should be considered by the UNSC, arguing that the document is “fictitious” and “full of untruths.”

He said Schmidt’s report was put together by “Bosniaks in Sarajevo and the secret service” and that “Schmidt only signed it.”


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