Dodik on Victory Day: Serbs never committed genocide

NEWS 09.05.2021 18:37

After he laid wreaths at the Monument to the Fallen Soldiers of the People's Liberation War in Banja Luka to mark May 9, Victory Day, the Chairman of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency said that Serbs “never attacked anyone”, never left territory that was not theirs and “never committed genocide.”

“Your story about the courts is useless, your story about bans is useless, and your story about forcing us to admit something that did not happen is useless,” Dodik said, referring to international court rulings that determined that a genocide took place in the eastern town of Srebrenica and initiatives to adopt a law banning genocide denial in the country.


“Serbs have never committed genocide, but genocide was committed against Serbs, which none of the top officials wanted to admit,” Dodik said.

He said that there was always an attempt to portray Serbs as belonging to the wrong side of history, “especially in the wars during the 1990s.”

Numerous rulings by international and domestic courts determined that Bosnian Serb forces committed genocide in Srebrenica in 1995 and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) convicted 15 people of involvement in it.

Dodik was among numerous officials in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity who participated in an event to mark Victory Day, when Europe commemorates the defeat of Nazi Germany.

He said that the Serb people were on the side of progressive forces who fought fascism during WWII and that this historic fact can not be changed.

“Serbs raised an uprising against all fascist regimes here, the Independent State of Croatia (NDH), the German occupier and all those who cooperated with them, to biologically destroy the Serb people and thus resolve the so-called Serb issue in the Balkans, in an effort to eliminate any influence of Orthodoxy in this area,” he said in his speech.


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