Dodik: Republika Srpska entity is against High Representative, whoever he may be

NEWS 05.01.2021 13:46

There could be a “realistic option” for Bosnia’ Serb-majority Republika Srpska (RS) entity to become an independent state, the Chairman of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency and its Serb member, Milorad Dodik, said on Tuesday, stressing that the RS strongly opposes the institution of Bosnia’s international administrator.

Dodik was referring to the Office of the High Representative, the international official tasked with overseeing the civilian implementation of the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement which ended the was and contains Bosnia’s Constitution.


“Th RS is against the High Representative, regardless of who he is and what his name is. We don't need that, we will be against it,” he declared in his first address to media after his 16-day battle with COVID-19.

Dodik, who is the leader of the ruling party in the semi-autonomous RS entity, said that “everything with the High Representative and the Constitutional Court was a hoax and punishment for the RS.”

He commented on recent statements by Bakir Izetbegovic, the leader of the main Bosniak ethnic party in the country, the Party for Democratic Action (SDA), regarding the election of Joe Biden in the United States.

“I listened to Izetbegovic talk about how Biden would come and settle something, make the cantons disappear. I think that before that happens, Bosnia and Herzegovina will disappear and RS will remain and will be a state which has the right to exist,” he said.

“That is the will of the people who live here, and you cannot deny the existence of the republic with ignorance from Sarajevo. BiH will fall apart sooner than the RS will be abolished,” he said, announcing that the entity will on January 9 celebrate the Day of Republika Srpska – a holiday which the Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional.

Izetbegovic “has nothing to do with Banja Luka, just like I don’t with Sarajevo,” he said.

He called the narrative that Banja Luka belongs to everybody false, stressing that “this is a Serb city, the city of the people who live here.”

“I believe that we will set a realistic option for the RS to become an independent state,” he concluded.


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