Dodik: RS to defend itself and disqualify Bosnian judiciary from its territory

NEWS 22.12.2021 14:30
Source: Milorad Dodik (N1)

Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity will defend itself in an organized manner and in a few months it will have laws regulating the judicial system, Bosnian Serb Presidency member Milorad Dodik said Wednesday, adding that this entity will prohibit the BiH Prosecution’s work on its territory and do everything in their power to create a neutral judiciary.

According to him, everything the state Court and Prosecution does is fueled by hatred from Sarajevo stemming from the fact that the “RS is better than the Federation (FBiH) entity by all parameters and they want to destabilize it.

Serb persecuted like 100 years ago

He then insulted the state judiciary using derogatory adjectives for investigating the announced transfer of state competencies to the RS level, saying that they are all baseless because everything the RS parliament did so far was done in accordance with the Constitution and the Dayton Peace Agreement.

“Annex 1.3 of the Dayton Agreement guarantees that elected political officials and MPs and others have political immunity and cannot be held accountable to any court or anyone during their term of office. This is political persecution like the one 100 years ago when Serbs fought for their rights,” said Dodik.

“Sarajevo lost its temper”

He said that the documentation is being taken away from everyone in RS.

“This is the end of the BiH judiciary, not because Dodik wants it. The law has been prepared and it will be submitted to the parliamentary procedure, and when it gets on the agenda, the RS National Assembly (parliament) will decide. We will disqualify the Court and the Prosecutor's Office of BiH,” he said adding that the High Representative could not do anything about it.

“Sarajevo has lost its temper, it’s attacking everyone – Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, now Hungary. Not to mention Russia. Other countries will probably get their turn. The EU Commissioner was also attacked. All this is in the function of disqualifying all of them, thinking they can get wider support in that way. BiH will suffer for all of that.”BiH has a man who falsely pretends to be the High Representative and who is threatening,” Dodik said, reiterating his views on Christian Schmidt.

He stated that he was proud of the cooperation with Hungary and other countries, and the fact that their Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said the RS could count on the help of that country.
Dodik then stated the “parameters according to which RS is economically better than FBiH, but also Italy.”