Dodik sends declaration to RS entity parliament, proposes constitutional changes

NEWS 13.11.2021 16:01
Milorad Dodik
Source: Milorad Dodik (N1)

The total of five documents, none of them laws or other legally binding documents, will be on agenda of the special session of the entity parliament in Republika Srpska, Bosnia's Serb-majority region whose leadership announced withdrawal from major state-level institutions, learns N1.

The date of the session has not been set yet.

Milorad Dodik, the leader of the SNSD – the ruling party in Republika Srpska and the Serb member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency, earlier announced that documents that refer to the transfer of competencies from the state to the entity level will be discussed at the National Assembly once the Collegium schedules the session.

But, according to a leaked document, the MPs will discuss a declaration and four other documents which are not legally binding.

The declaration on nine pages tasks the Government and the Republika Srpska President to draft a text of the Republika Srpska Constitution, which would reaffirm the competencies of the entitiy except those that the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina says belong to the state.

The document, which has been delivered to the National Assembly, among other things stipulate that Banja Luka, currently entity's administrative centre, would become the entity's capital city.

Also, the declaration says that all documents imposed by the international peace envoy in BiH are unconstitutional and that the Parliament of BiH had no authority to adopt the laws imposed by the international envoy.

According to the document, Bosnia's Constitutional Court changed the constitutional structure of Bosnia and Herzegovin by confirming the international envoy's decisions, inflicting damage to the relations in the country and contributing to instability.

Proponent of the document are RS President, Bosnia Serb Presidency member, RS Prime Minister as well as the ruling coalition caucus.

Besides the declaration, the


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