Dodik unveils more details about his alleged abduction

NEWS 18.04.2022 10:49
Source: F.Z/N1

After he told Russian Sputnik about alleged plan of British special forces to kidnap him, Serb member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency said there was also a list of items they were supposed to take from his house.

According to him, the list included things from underwear to works of art.

“I was shocked when I saw the list of the things they had to take from my house, from underwear to works of art, shoes, suits….,” Dodik told Serbian daily Politika.

He said the combined British-American forces were supposed to locate me, pick me up and take to unknown destination,” but he presented no evidence for such claims.

“Probably to break me or get some sort of a recognition from me, while accusing me of some corruption that they never proved, because there were no elements for that. When we learned about it and publicly unveiled their intentions, they denied it calling it nonsense,” said Bosnian Serb leader, adding that he was not scared.


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