Dodik: We don't want either Russians or Americans to interfere in our lives

NEWS 27.08.2022 12:44
Source: N1

Bosnia Serb Presidency member Milorad Dodik said he was glad that US Ambassador Michael Murphy clearly said that Bosnia and Herzegovina will be the one deciding on moving towards NATO, which, as he noted, denies all those who persistently lie that such a decision has already been made. He also said that the interference of neither Americans nor Russians is desirable in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Anyone who insists that the matter is finished has unlimited trust in the American Embassy, and therefore I am glad that the answer came from that embassy,” said Dodik speaking to SRNA news agency, asked to comment on the US ambassador's statement that the decision to join NATO is on the sovereign Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dodik also commented on foreign influence in the country.

“We do not want either Russians or Americans to interfere in our decisions and lives. We want to make sovereign decisions on all issues relevant to our lives. The least we want is for conflicts from some other parts of the world to be transferred to Bosnia and Herzegovina under the pretext of concern for its future,” Dodik said, referring to Murphy's statement that America will “not leave BiH to Russia.”

He also said that Bosnia and Herzegovina has a future if it functions according to the Constitution and if everyone finally understands this, stressing that no interview or statement by foreign diplomats will help if they do not support the constitutional arrangement of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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