Dutch compensations to Srebrenica genocide victims rolling out

Source: N1

The Dutch Potocari Compensation Commission was forced to prolong the decision-making process on the award of compensations to Srebrenica genocide victims' relatives from three to six months due to a large number of requests, Sylvia Wortmann, the Chair of the Dutch Potocari Compensation Commission told N1 Thursday.

In 2019, the Supreme Court of the Netherlands ruled on partial responsibility for the deaths of 350 male victims of genocide. Following this decision, the Dutch Potocari Compensation Commission was formed as an independent executor of the Srebrenica civil law regulation.

“Relatives of the victims of the genocide in Srebrenica, the male refugees who died at the base of the Dutch battalion in Potocari in the afternoon of July 13, 1995, are entitled to compensation ranging between €15,000 and € 10,000,” she said.

“Due to a large number of requests received by the Commission, a decision on compensation is now expected in six months, instead of the previous three,” Wortmann added.

The website nccpotocari.nl explains the procedures for claiming this fee.

The commission will exist until June 2023.


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