Dzaferovic: SEECP Declaration highlights Bosnia's key goals – EU and NATO

NEWS 17.06.2021 17:46
Sefik Dzaferovic
Source: N1

The European Union and NATO are Bosnia’s “key goals” and it is good that the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) Declaration highlights them, the Bosniak member of BiH’s tripartite Presidency, Sefik Dzaferovic, told N1.

Dzaferovic argued that we have been witnessing a “crisis of multilateralism” in the past period, stressing that multilateral platforms are “of essential importance for peace, stability and prosperity.”


“Multilateral dialogue, in addition to bilateral dialogue, plays an exceptional role in the stability and development of this part of Europe, including Bosnia and Herzegovina. That is why Bosnia and Herzegovina supports regional platforms and participates in a number of those platforms,” he said.

He said that the SEECP Declaration which Bosnia supported underlines the importance of regional cooperation based on mutual respect, inclusiveness and mutual benefit.

EU and NATO integration are “key goals” for Bosnia, he stressed.

“It is very important that the Declaration also highlights the Euro-Atlantic vision of the region. It was said that EU and NATO integration are crucial for stability, and NATO's contribution to security in this part of Europe was welcomed,” he said of the document.

The Declaration also asks the European Union to accelerate the enlargement process to BiH and other SEECP members, because a credible European perspective is key to preserving stability and the development path in the Western Balkans, Dzaferovi said.

The BiH Presidency member argued that it is good that EU Special Representative Josep Borrell was also present at the meeting and that he will meet with the EU official to discuss Bosnia’s EU integration process.

This should serve as a “new impetus” for unblocking the work in BiH institutions on the implementation of priorities the European Commission defined for Bosnia in its efforts to achieve EU candidate status.

Turkey has a stabilizing role in BiH and the region, which is confirmed with the SEECP summit, Dzaferovic concluded.



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