Dzaferovic: We will continue to fight for truth and justice for genocide

NEWS 11.07.2022 11:07
Source: N1

BiH Presidency chairman Sefik Dzaferovic addressed the media at the Potocari Memorial Center ahead of the commemoration on the 27th anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica, saying that the fight for truth and justice continues.

“Two words are always the most important, whenever we come to this holy place: Truth and Justice. We will continue to fight for truth and justice. All those who in any way participated in the genocide in Srebrenica must be brought to justice. We will not give up until we reach that goal,” said Dzaferovic.

He added that he will continue to fight against the deniers, and in that regard, he said former High Representative in BiH Valentin Inzko did a great deal, after whose amendments to the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina, significantly reduced the denial of genocide.

Inzko imposed amendments to the BiH Criminal Code making the denial of genocide or glorification of war criminals and the justification of their crimes punishable with prison time.


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