Edin Dzeko, Mirza Teletovic join local charity in helping those in need

NEWS 10.03.2021 12:20
Source: Getty Images/Srdjan Stevanovic

Bosnia's renowned athletes, Edin Dzeko and Mirza Teletovic, set up a fund with a local charity 'Pomozi.ba' which will accept donations for all those in need of medical treatments they cannot afford.

The ‘Athletes for life’ fund is intended primarily for sportspersons willing to donate the money but also for other potential donors.

“Every day we get more and more pleas for help from the persons who cannot afford themselves the medical treatments they need. With the help of many donors and generous persons, we managed to answer many of those pleas but the athletes will significantly contribute with this fund so we can save and improve many lives together,” said ‘Pomozi.ba’ charity founder Elvir Karalic.

The charity will act as a link between the sportspersons and those who need help, while the money will be directly transferred from the fund's account to the accounts of medical institutions.

“Heartfelt thanks to Edin Dzeko and Mirza Teletovic. They proved their humaneness countless times and were the first ones to respond and accept this idea,” added Karalic.


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