Eid al Adha reception in Srebrenica: Building a better future together

NEWS 21.07.2021 18:02
Source: N1 / Marinko Sekulić

Srebrenica Deputy Mayor Hamdija Fejzic, and the Srebrenica Assembly Speaker, Camil Durakovic, organized an Eid al-Adha reception Wednesday, which was also attended by Mayor Mladen Grujicic, where Durakovic told the gathered that they want to celebrate this holiday, which lasts for four days, in a friendly and neighbourly atmosphere.

“Eid is the biggest Bosniak religious holiday when we open our hearts to our relatives and neighbours, and with those with whom we share our lives. Our message today is to extend our hand to all of you, especially to you who come from other denominations and who have come to celebrate this great holiday with us. I want all of us to have our differences as something we bring as values in our common life, and our similarities to be our opportunity and potential, and to build a better and more prosperous future for Srebrenica,” Durkovic said in his address.

The reception was also attended by the Mayor of Srebrenica, Mladen Grujicic who said that religious receptions should take place, and that he himself organized them earlier.

“All sincere Bosniaks living in Srebrenica know my sincere intentions when it comes to those who live here, their holidays and their feelings, but also when it comes to commemorating the suffering of Bosniaks and Serbs, as well as celebrating their great holidays. I was mindful to always congratulate holidays through our portals and web pages, but also via banners, whether it was Orthodox Christmas, Catholic Christmas or Eid. We have the Municipal banners that we put up a few days or a day earlier every year, depending on the obligations, because our fire brigades do that, congratulating all our citizens who are celebrating those holidays at that moment,” Grujicic noted.

He added that everyone is celebrating, and everyone is looking forward to everyone's holiday, and that is what adorns the people of Srebrenica.

“Attempts at the politicization of every moment, even holidays, commemorations, and everyday life in Srebrenica, leave a bitter taste, and that provokes insults and threats from people who are not familiar with the situation in Srebrenica. These are mostly people who live abroad, but obviously, someone cares that they send non-stop information and bad messages or paint a bad image to these people, that Bosniaks and Serbs cannot live together here, that someone here should be a victim, in order to provoke in some international circles who know even less about Srebrenica,” said Grujicic.



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