Eight-year-old boy severely injured in migrant brawl

NEWS 04.04.2021 15:06
Source: FENA

An 8-year-old Iraqi migrant was severely injured in a brawl and shooting involving migrants, which occurred Saturday evening near a migrant camp in Bosnia’s northwest, according to the police report.

“The incident took place after 6 pm in front of a supermarket in the Polje village, next to the temporary migrant centre ‘Miral’. The eight-year-old boy was unfortunately shot in his chest area and was transported to the Cantonal hospital ‘Dr Irfan Ljubijankic’ in Bihac,” said Ale Siljdedic, the spokesperson for the Interior Ministry of the Una-Sana Canton, the northwestern region where the migrant camp is situated.

“The participants of this mutual clash among migrants, when the weapon was used, are at large and police teams are conducting a comprehensive investigation and raids in Velika Kladusa,” he added.

Although brawls among the migrants were reported on numerous occasions, the police have never before registered the use of firearm among the migrants.

“This is another in series of their mutual clashes, but what is concerning is the use of firearm,” said Siljdedic, adding that, if the witnesses’ stories prove to be true, this would be the first reported use of firearm among the migrants in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The boy who was likely the victims of a stray bullet is being treated at the Bihac hospital and is in a life-threatening condition.


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