Election authority head: We still lack the funds for Srebrenica, Doboj elections

NEWS 05.02.2021 15:24
Source: N1

Bosnia’s Central Election Commission (CEC) does not have the funds to organise repeated elections in the towns of Srebrenica and Doboj and unless the Council of Ministers secures the money by February 9, the vote will have to be postponed, CEC President Zeljko Bakalar told N1 on Friday.

The CEC annulled the November 15, 2020, local election results for Doboj and Srebrenica due to numerous irregularities and alleged election fraud and set the date for repeat elections in the towns for February 21.


“Based on what the Council of Minister Chairman Zoran Tegeltija said, we issued a statement stating that February 9 is the deadline to secure operational funds in the account so that we can adjust all CEC activities to the date when we set the election,” he said.

He pointed out that his institution needs funds for printing forms and ballots and that it has a short deadline to do so but no money for it.

“The communities in Doboj and Srebrenica reacted promptly and submitted information that funds were provided for the activities of local election commissions and polling stations, but we do not have such a reaction from the state level,” he said.

For the repeat elections, the CEC requested supervisors and oversight of the work of local election commissions by 130 people at 89 polling stations in Doboj and 28 in Srebrenica.

Bakalar said that the office of Bosnia’s international administrator, the High Representative, as well as the Peace Implementation Council and the OSCE have been informed of the situation but that “they are not adopting any decisions.”

“I'm a little disappointed. People are tired of this story regarding the election. We want the process to be brought to an end and for us to have formed governments in local communities,” he said.


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