Election silence starts in Bosnia ahead of October 2 general election

NEWS 01.10.2022 07:58
Source: N1

Election silence ahead of general election in Bosnia and Herzegovina on October 2 has commenced on Saturday at 7 a.m. and will end on the election day at 7 p.m., when polling stations across the country will close down.

Bosnia's Central Election Commission has warned that political entities are prohibited from participating in public political activities within this period, while media coverage of any activity related to political and election camapigns is prohibited as well.

“During the 24 hours prior to the opening of polling stations on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there will be no media coverage of any activity related to the political and election campaign,” According to Article 16.11 of the Election Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The law also bans any activity that obstructs or hinders the electoral process.

The 30-day campaign commenced on September 2, and according to the Communications Regulatory Agency this was the period when the broadcast of paid political advertising was allowed as well as direct addresses of candidates participating in the election.

General elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina will take place on October 2, when 3,368,666 eligible voters will have a chance to elect the members of the tripartite Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, members of the Parliament of BiH as well as members of the entity parliaments of the Federation BiH and Republika Srpska, and members of cantonal assemblies.

It has been estimated that the general election in BiH will cost 12.5 million marks (approx 6.36 million euro).


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