Election watchdog confirms early results for mayors of Srebrenica and Doboj

NEWS 22.02.2021 08:25
Source: YouTube Screenshoot/Ilustracija

Bosnia's Central Election Commission (CEC) confirmed at a press conference at midnight that Boris Jerinic (SNSD) and Mladen Grujicic received the most votes in the repeat elections for the mayor of Doboj and Srebrenica, as Serb party candidates.

According to the president of the CEC, Zeljko Bakalar, the votes from Sunday's elections were included in the total count, as well as those from November last year from the polling stations where the elections were not annulled.

Thus, Boris Jerinic from the Allianceof Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) received the most votes, 67.44 percent, for the mayor of Doboj where 96 out of 106 polling stations were processed, followed by Srdjan Todorovic (Socialist Party – SP) 16.36 percent, and Cvijan Filipovic (Serb Democratic Party – SDS) 16.20 percent.

As for the mayor of Srebrenica, Mladen Grujicic won a total of 67.62 percent of the vote, while Alija Tabakovic 31.70.
The pro-Bosnian parties boycotted Sunday's elections in Srebrenica and announced an appeal to the BiH Constitutional Court.

The results for the Doboj City Assembly and the Srebrenica Municipal Assembly will be announced Monday morning.
Among other information, Bakalar stated that the turnout on Sunday was 55.43 percent of voters in Doboj and 42.87 percent in Srebrenica.

All polling stations were closed at 7 pm, except for three in Doboj, which were closed a bit later due to delays in opening, and the last of them closed at 7.40 pm.

Bakalar also said that the CEC did not receive any complaints regarding violations of the election process, and three were sent to the City Election Commission in Doboj. Also, the Republika Srpska entity Ministry of the Interior constantly informed the CEC about the situation on the ground, and there was no information regarding the threat to the election process, except for one case of violation of public order and peace.


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