Entire HDZ 1990 caucus leaves the party in a Bosnian municipality

NEWS 29.06.2022 12:23
Source: Fena

Prozor-Rama’s entire HDZ 1990 Municipal Council caucus left the party Tuesday just before the first agenda item of the session, the FENA news agency reported Wednesday, adding that all the councillors continued their work as an independent caucus.

“Due to the new situation within the Croat Democratic Union 1990 (HDZ 1990) and the dissolution of the Municipal Board, councillors who were elected from the HDZ 1990 and who were members of the caucus, confirmed with their signatures that they left the party and act as independent councillors in the caucus of independent councillors,” Mara Andjelic, the head of the former HDZ 1990 councillors’ caucus said.

The HDZ 1990 was formed by dissatisfied Croat Democratic Party members led by Bozo Ljubic in 2006. They opposed several agreements between the HDZ and parties like the Democratic Action Party (SDA) and the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) that aimed at creating conditions for better functioning of state institutions. Following their formation, the party slowly began to support every proposal the mother party continued to make and started functioning in sync with the HDZ.

The Prozor-Rama Municipality stated that Mara Andjelic, the head of the caucus, Stanko Curcic, Gabrijel Malekinusic, Boris Faletar, Pero Kovacevic, Marinko Cvitanovic, Tomislav Dzalto, Duje Nevistic, Jure Tadic and Ilija Sarcevic signed the letter informing the Municipality of their decision.


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