EU Delegation calls out HDZ BiH hypocrisy over rejection of election funding

NEWS 26.05.2022 17:27
Source: Fena/Ilustracija

The EU Delegation to BiH reacted to Thursday’s refusal of BiH Finance Minister Vjekoslav Bevanda to support the proposal to allocate funds from the accumulated surplus for the preparation and organising of the October elections, calling his party, Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH), hypocritical.

“HDZ BiH blocking election funding disregards both democracy and their own expressed principles. Urgently end the blockade. Elections will be funded and held. No doubt about it,” the EU Delegation tweeted.

This was the second attempt to allocate the funds from the said source being blocked by the finance minister.

The proposal meant that 12.6 million marks (approx 6.3 million euros) would be allocated for the Central Election Commission to organise the elections planned for October 2, 2022.


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