EU, embassies: BiH Pride is a powerful symbol of equality and non-discrimination

NEWS 14.08.2021 15:02
Source: N1

EU institutions as well as all major western embassies in Bosnia published a joint statement, Saturday, in support of the BiH Pride march in Sarajevo, saying it is a powerful symbol of equality and non-discrimination.

Below is the full statement signed by the EU Office in BiH (EU Delegation and EU Special Representative), Council of Europe Office in Sarajevo, The United Nations in BiH, Embassy of Austria in BiH, Diplomatic Office of the Kingdom of Belgium in BiH, Embassy of Bulgaria in BiH, Embassy of Croatia in BiH, Embassy of the Czech Republic in BiH, Embassy of France in BiH, Embassy of Germany in BiH, Embassy of Greece in BiH, Embassy of Italy in BiH, Embassy of the Netherlands in BiH, Embassy of Norway in BiH, Embassy of Romania in BiH, Embassy of Slovenia in BiH, Embassy of Spain in BiH, Embassy of Sweden in BiH, Embassy of the UK in BiH, United States Embassy in BiH:

“We congratulate the Organising Committee, Pride March participants, local institutions, and citizens of BiH on the successful organisation of the Pride March in Sarajevo. The March is a powerful symbol of equality and non-discrimination, signalling that all persons in BiH enjoy the same human rights.

The authorities’ support for the organisation and management of the event is a positive example of leadership towards ensuring respect for diversity as a source of strength, rather than division.

To further strengthen the protection of the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, we call on authorities across the country to continue improving legislation to ensure the effective exercise of these rights is upheld. This would bring BiH closer to European and international standards and represent a step forward in fulfilling one of the Key Priorities of the European Commission’s Opinion.”


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