EU: Excluding N1 from BH Telecom's package of channels loss for all BiH citizens

NEWS 31.08.2022 11:20
Source: Fena/Ilustracija

The European Union's office in Sarajevo has joined the comments on the information that the state-owned BH Telecom company could drop N1 TV from its cable TV platform, saying that this would be a “loss for all BiH citizens.”

“Freedom of the media, including media pluralism, is an indispensable part of any democratic society, as confirmed in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union,” said spokesperson Ferdinand Koenig.

“N1 is one of the reliable BiH news sources and its exclusion from the BH Telecom package of channels is a loss for all BiH citizens who take an interest in independent news,” he added.

Previously, the embassies of the US, the UK as well as the OSCE Mission and the Office of the High Representative commented on the matter, expressing their support to media pluralism and freedom of media in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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