EU Spec Rep: BiH HoP demands EU candidate status while voting down key reforms

NEWS 25.03.2022 11:23
Source: N1

EU Special Representative in BiH, Johann Sattler, expressed disappointment with Thursday's vote in the House of Peoples which failed to adopt laws as part of key reforms defined by the European Commission for the country to be granted EU candidate status.

“Disappointing day in BiH parliaments yesterday. Demands for EU candidate status while voting down key rule of law reforms. Failure to align with EU measures against Russia. And hollowed out smoking ban which doesn't really apply. Another day of missed opportunities,” Sattler wrote on Twitter.

Bosnia’s House of Peoples unanimously adopted on Thursday the decision to ask the European Union to grant BiH candidate status.

However, the House of Peoples did not approve the Draft Law on Prevention of Conflicts of Interest in BiH Institutions. The law is clearly defined among the 14 priorities the European Commission insists on regarding BiH’s path towards EU membership.

The HoP also did not support a proposal that would oblige the Council of Ministers of BiH to follow the EU policy regarding the measures against Russia due to the aggression on Ukraine.



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