EU Spec Rep's Europe Day message: Progress possible if we work for a common goal

NEWS 08.05.2021 17:04

Bosnia’s progress toward the EU has not stopped despite the “tremendous difficulties” of the past year, EU Special Representative in the country, Johann Sattler, said in his message for Europe Day, stressing that a lot more needs to be done.

“We are capable of achievements if we are united in a common goal,” Sattler said, stressing that further progress should be made in 2021.

“The agenda is far-reaching and demanding. Constitutional amendments to tackle democratic accountability and non-discrimination, the timely and thorough implementation of court decisions and the steps that will make the political, electoral and administrative system work much more efficiently in the service of citizens,” he listed, adding that these changes are not easy, but also not impossible.

“The tremendous difficulties of the past year show that concrete and principled progress can be made even in the most difficult of circumstances, as long as we share a common goal,” Sattler said.

He said that beating the COVID-19 pandemic “also means that we are looking forward to a time of recovery” and that the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina “are now embarking on that recovery like citizens all across the continent.”

“The European Union has marshalled its political and economic resources to ensure that recovery is strong and sustained,” he said, noting that part of the EU’s macroeconomic programme is a nine billion Euro economic and investment plan for the Western Balkans.


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