EU's Varhelyi urges BiH authorities to swiftly certify Mostar election results

NEWS 19.01.2021 13:35
Source: AFP/John Thys

EU Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi urged the Bosnian institutions to conclude the counting process of Mostar local election ballots and certify the results, in a Tweet published Tuesday.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina: Elections that took place in Mostar last December, first after 12 years, were a major achievement. It is therefore paramount that the competent institutions conclude their work swiftly so that results can be certified,” he tweeted.

After a 12 year break, Mostar finally held the local elections on December 20, 2020, but the results were never announced due to numerous irregularities which had to be resolved and calls for recounts from various parties and coalitions claiming election fraud.

According to BIH election watchdog's unofficial results, the Croat centre-right Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) won 13 seats at the City Council, Coalition for Mostar won 11, BH Bloc won six, Croat Republican Party (HRS) won three, Mostar party and Stay here party won one seat each.

The Central Election Commission is still working on resolving all the issues regarding the election.


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