EUFOR vehicle collides with all-terrain vehicle near Sarajevo

NEWS 21.08.2022 15:59
Source: Facebook/Crveni križ

A serious traffic accident involving an EUFOR vehicle and a civilian passenger vehicle with foreign license plates took place on the Krupac - Bjelasnica road, where six people were injured, Sarajevo Canton’s Interior Ministry said Sunday.

As stated, the accident happened at 12:15 pm. The injured were transferred to the ER for assistance.

The accident involved an EUFOR vehicle and an all-terrain vehicle with foreign license plates.

The head of the youth Red Cross of the Federation of BiH (FBiH) entity, Dzana Kapic, a certified first aid instructor and recently a doctor of medicine, came to the aid of the injured. The injuries she encountered were dislocations of the arm, a broken nose, an open injury on the head, bleeding on the leg, as well as a suspected spinal injury and a state of shock.

“There was a lot of blood, one car was in a ravine. As soon as I saw what it was about, I collected the first aid boxes from all the cars, examined all the people and started taking care of the most urgent situations. I immediately called an ambulance and asked for more vehicles,” Dzana said.

Source: :
Source: : Facebook/Crveni križ FBiH
Source: : Facebook/Crveni križ FBiH


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