EU's Borrell to stay in BiH and visit EUFOR, meet with state officials

NEWS 15.03.2022 12:26

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell will pay a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina on Wednesday as part of his multi-day visit to the Western Balkans.

According to the currently available schedule of visits, Borrell will first visit the European Military Force EUFOR-Althea mission in Sarajevo, which has received reinforcements in recent days, and 500 troops have been deployed throughout BiH.

“The deployment of reserves and their equipment, including light armoured vehicles, is a precautionary and proportionate measure that demonstrates EUFOR's determination to support our BiH partners in maintaining a safe and secure environment (SASE),” EUFOR said at the time.

During his visit to BIH, the senior European Union official should meet with representatives of the government, the opposition and civil society.

Earlier, Borrell visited North Macedonia, where he said that now is the time for everyone to cooperate, without political divisions, emphasizing that the Western Balkans is a strategic priority for the European Union.

As it was pointed out, Borrell's several-day visit to the Western Balkans will confirm the European Union's commitment and support to the region, in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the impact of that war on the security of Europe as a whole.


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