EU's Stano: It is crucial that October elections take place in Bosnia

NEWS 03.06.2022 14:15
Source: Evropska komisija

European Commission for Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Peter Stano confirmed for N1 on Friday that last month EU foreign ministers discussed the political situation in BiH and they were very clear on calling all the political actors to make every effort to not only continue with reforms and resume dialogue but also to organize the elections as foreseen in October.

It is of crucial importance that these elections take place, that the citizens of BiH are given the opportunity to vote in a free, fair and adequately funded elections and in this context we call on the members of the Council of Ministers of BiH, and especially on the Minister of Finance to use the next session of the Council, in the coming Monday to adopt the draft budget for this year,” Stano said. “We also call for a swift decision that would ensure financing of the Central Election Commission BiH and the current blockage must urgently end.”

Answering the question regarding EU’s engagement in resolving the election reform issue and the maintenance of October general elections in Bosnia, Stano said the EU is involved it will continue to be involved in the situation and that they are ready to facilitate solutions for BiH and in BiH through the Head of EU Delegation in BiH Johann Sattler.

“[EU] High Representative [Josep] Borrell fully supports the work of Ambassador Sattler and the EU Commission for Foreign Affairs strongly rejects any attacks on Ambassador Sattler which are entirely unfounded,” the spokesperson said.

He confirmed that Ambassador Sattler has steadily defended and promoted EU values and principles in BiH and he “was and is working to bring this country closer to the EU.”


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