Ex FM: BiH's progress towards EU meaningless without implementation of reforms

NEWS 19.05.2021 18:11
Source: N1

EU candidate status for Bosnia would represent a good message to the country, but only if it deserves this by achieving significant progress in the fight against corruption and on rule of law, as well as if it adopts changes to the law that would ensure fair elections, Bosnia’s former Foreign Affairs Minister, Igor Crnadak, said on Wednesday.

“Progress on the European path means nothing if the people's trust in judicial institutions is not restored, and that can only be achieved with clear results in the fight against corruption, especially at the highest levels, and confirmation that nobody is untouchable and that everyone can be prosecuted,” said Crnadak, who is the deputy leader of the Party for Democratic Progress (PDP).

Crnadak’s statement comes a day after the current Chairman of Bosnia’s Council of Ministers, Zoran Tegeltija, said that the country i getting close to achieving EU candidate status.

According to Crnadak, those in power currently do not show the slightest political will for certain judicial reforms, which he noted is among the 14 key priorities the EU defined for Bosnia in its efforts to achieve candidate status.

“Also, a disservice to the peoples of BiH would be a decision granting candidate status without the implementation of the OSCE recommendations on elections,” he said.

EU candidate status would be a good move, but only when the citizens feel changes and are convinced that approaching European standards and values really means a new quality in everyday life.

“Without that, candidate status is just a technical matter that will benefit the ruling political elites and no one else,” he concluded.


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