Ex honorary consul of Ukraine: Developments in Ukraine could affect on Bosnia

NEWS 25.01.2022 12:18
Source: N1

The developments in Ukraine could have a significant effect on Bosnia and Herzegovina as well, as corrupt politicians may abuse the situation to “provoke a conflict” elsewhere, former honorary consul of Ukraine in Austria and economist Drasko Acimovic told N1.

“Things in global politics, geostrategically do not happen from today to tomorrow. Things are planned. The whole situation is not black and white, there are many shades of gray,” Acimovic said, adding that Ukraine has ore reserves worth 9 trillion, is the largest producer of wheat in the world and also participates in uranium production.

“So many things that are happening there are related to financial interests,” Acimovic said.

“The goal is already being achieved in some way,” he said, arguing that “foreign investors are leaving the country, withdrawing capital.”

“Ukrainians always think about the present, they never care so much about the past. They are preparing for the events in Lugansk and Donetsk, but without panicking,” he said.

He concluded that the situation should be clarified by February 15.

He argued that Russia has great power in terms of energy and that “all the problems always arose in the winter when it was possible to manipulate the gas supply.”

“If some bigger things happen, then it would happen by February 15th. After that, I think that diplomacy and reason will prevail,” Acimovic said.


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